Reflection on Mirror

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In ancient times there lived in India, a great Rishi whose name was Narada. He is well-known for his Bhakti and has written the famous Sutras known Bhakti Sutras.

He meditated on Vishnu for many years but nothing happened so he went on meditating and meditating. Finally, one day Vishnu appeared before him and said, “Narada, I am very pleased with your bhakti towards me. For this I grant you a boon. You may ask as you please.”

Hearing this, tears came to Narada’s eyes and he replied, “I am so fortunate to have your darshan. I also thank you for the boon. I wish to know the secret of the power of your creative magic by which this whole world appears to be a Gandharva city or a city of magic, where individuals seem to lose their original identity, thinking this world as a reality.”

Vishnu replied, “Do not ask or try to know about my creative magic. Forget about it. You choose something else as a boon.”

Narada went on insisting. Vishnu went on evading the grant of that boon. Finally Vishnu acceded to the demand of Narada and said, “If you are so persistent to know the creative magical force of mine, come along with me, I shall show it to you.” Saying so he took Narada along with him and both arrived at a small hill.

Vishnu said to Narada, “I am feeling tired and thirsty. I wish to rest under the shade of this tree. Do you see a small hut at the valley? Go there and bring some water for me.”

Narada said, “I will just go and bring water for you. Please refresh yourself under this tree.”

Soon he reached that hut and knocked at the door. A very beautiful woman opened the door and Narada said to her, “Can I have some water.”

The woman replied, “Come inside and take it by yourself.”

The moment Narada entered the hut, he forgot the purpose for which he had come there and was attracted towards her. He said to her old parents, “Your daughter is so beautiful and I wish to marry her. Please kindly grant us permission.”

The old parents of the woman gave their consent. So Narada went on staying with his wife and soon had children. He lived happily with them. He completely forgot that Vishnu is waiting for him.

One day it rained heavily and soon all the places were surrounded by water, destroying everything within its reach. Narada’s house was also destroyed. So he decided to take his wife and children to a safer place. While he was crossing the flood area, he lost both his children who were washed away by the stream of water. Narada and his wife wept for such a loss. But Narada consoled her and said, “Do not worry. At least we both are still alive and we can start all over again.”

But suddenly his wife also lost the grip of his hands and was washed away by the water. Narada now remained alone. He wept and wept and wailed, “I have lost everything. I have lost my wife and children. What is the point of living in this world now.”

As he was weeping, suddenly the entire scene changed. Vishnu stood before him and said, “What is the matter Narada? Why are you weeping? What have you lost? Please tell me.”

Narada was shocked, then he remembered how he had forgotten Vishnu. He fell on Vishnu’s feet and asked for forgiveness.

Vishnu said, “Now have you seen my creative magical force. This is my force, which creates this world as a reality.”

Narada asked, “Yes, I have seen it O Lord Vishnu. But please tell me what is the way out by which the individuals can overcome this creative magical force.”

Vishnu said, “Narada, illusions deceive, colours circumscribe, even divisibles seem to be indivisibles. Everything is in a flux. Only appearances look certain. If you go deeper everything becomes uncertain and indefinite. So see this world as a dream and if you think it so, then the entire focus of your consciousness will turn inwards only then you will realise that everything thing is illusory. But there is someone inside you who is observing all these illusions. Therefore, look at the world as illusory and nothing as it appears. It is just a rainbow. Go deep into this feeling then you will be yourself and by realising yourself, you can realise the Absolute also, that is, the observer, the watcher, the seer, the knower and the known are one and the same.

“Or think this universe as juggling, as a picture show. To be happy, look upon it as so.”



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