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Tat says to Hermes, “Father, during the General Sermons on the Divinity you spoke in riddles that were most unclear and said that man could never be saved before Rebirth. What do you mean by this?

“Further, when I became your Suppliant, climbing up the Mount and after you had conversed with me, I longed to learn the Sermon on Rebirth, then you said that you will tell me, when I shall have become a stranger to the world. Since I have become stranger to the world-illusion, please tell me about the tradition of Rebirth in speech or in a secret way, which you had promised for. I do not know O Thrice-greatest one, from what matter and what womb Man comes to birth, or of what seed.”

Hermes: “Wisdom that occurs in silence is the seed of the True Good.”

Tat: “Who is the sower, father? For I am at a loss to understand.”

Hermes: “It is the Will of God, my son”.

Tat: “What are the methods by which He is known, father, for I have no experience of that essence which transcends the senses. And you are the knower of that Truth as you have become the God’s son.”

Hermes: “God is All in all and is beyond all the powers that you see.”

Tat: “Please do not tell me in riddles for I am unable to comprehend.”

Hermes: “This Race, my son, is never taught; but when He (God) wills it then only experience or remembrance of the Divine origin occurs.”

Tat: “O father, tell me the impossible. Kindly explain to me about these things. Am I strange to my father’s race? Father, I am a true-born son; please explain to me the manner of Rebirth. Do not keep it a secret from me.”

Hermes: “What may I say my son? I can only tell you this – whenever I see within myself the Simple Vision brought to birth out of God’s mercy, I have myself become that Body which can never die. And now I am not as I was before but I am born in Mind. The way to achieve this state cannot be taught nor can it be seen by the compounded element by means of which you see.

“I have transcended all physical forms. I am no longer touched, but I have touch. I have dimension and yet I am a stranger to them. You see with eyes, my son, but what I am, you cannot understand even with full strain of physical sight.”

Tat: “O father, you have plunged my mind into eagerness and ecstasy that I have never known. I no longer see myself.”

Hermes: “I have indeed, my son. You have rightly transcended the physical forms and have become like one who dreams in sleep and yet remains the watcher.”

Tat: “O father, please tell me who is the author of Rebirth?”

Hermes: “The One Man by God’s will.”

Tat: “O father, your statement now really stupefies me. My senses are arrested and I am able to see your Greatness, identical with your distinctive form.”

Hermes: “Even in this you are untrue. The mortal form does change every day. It is turned by growth and waning in time; it is an untrue thing.”

Tat: “What then is true, Thrice-greatest One?”

Hermes: “Son, understand that which is never troubled nor can be defined. It has no colour, no figure, it is not turned nor does it have garment. It is an embodiment of light. It does not suffer change and has no body.”

Tat: “I have lost my reason, my father. Just when I thought to be made by you, I find the senses of this mind of mine blocked up.”

Hermes: “It is so, my son. That which is upward borne is like a fire yet is borne down like earth, that which is moist like water, yet blows like air, how shall you perceive it with your senses, That is not solid nor liquid; it cannot be bound or loosened. The only notion man can have about That is in the form of power and energy. Even then, however, it wants man to perceive the Way of Birth in God.”

Tat: “I am incapable of this, O father, what shall I have to do now?”

Hermes: “My son! Withdraw into yourself, and it will come. Transcend the body’s senses and your Divinity shall come to birth. Transcend from the brutish torments of matter.”

Tat: “Have I tormentors then in me, O father?”

Hermes: “Yes, not a few but manifold and fearful ones.”

Tat: “I am not aware of them, father.”

Hermes: “The first tormentor is Not-knowing, the second, is Grief, the third, Intemperance; the fourth, vehement Desire for things of the world; the fifth Unrighteousness, the sixth is Avarice; the seventh, Mistaken Belief; the eight is Envy; the ninth, Guile; the tenth, Anger; Eleventh, Rashness; the twelfth, Malice.

“These are twelve in number but under them there are many more, my son, and creeping through the prison of the body, they force the man to suffer in his senses. But they depart not all at once from him who has been blessed by God, and this constitutes the manner of Rebirth.

“And now my son, be full of awareness and solemn silence, then only the flow of His blessedness shall flow on you. So now rejoice, my son, you are being blessed and purified by the Powers of God. Gnosis of God has come to us, and when this comes, Not-knowing, Grief, Intemperance, vehement Desire, Unrighteousness, Avarice, Mistaken Belief, Envy, Guile, Anger, Rashness and Malice are cast out – Ignorance, their cause vanishes.

“Now you know my son, the manner of Rebirth. When the ten, that is, Knowledge of Truth, Joy, Temperance, Continence, Communion, calling of the Truth, access to Truth, the Good that follows Life and Light come, then the twelve tormentors vanish.

“One who abandons the body’s senses, and through the blessing of the God, knows himself to be the Life and Light, is filled with Bliss.”

Tat: “Through His blessings, I have become shorn of desire and filled with energy that the Mind gave me through the Powers.

“In Heaven I am, I am in earth, I am in water, I am in animals, I am in plants, I am in the womb, before the womb, after the womb, I am everywhere.

“But further tell me, how are the tormentor of Darkness, when they are twelve in number, driven out by ten Powers? What is the way to it, Thrice-greatest one?”

Hermes: “This body which we have just passed is constituted by the circle of the twelve-types of life and is composed of elements that are twelve in number but of one nature. Through man’s delusion there are disunion in them, while in their action they are one. We cannot part Rashness from Wrath; they cannot even be distinguished.

“Due to right reason, they withdraw once and for all, chased out by no less than ten powers. Ten is that which gives birth to souls and Life and Light are unified there. According to reason, the One contains the Ten, the Ten the One.”

Tat: “Father, I see the All, I see myself in Mind.”

Hermes: “This is Rebirth, my son. Do not look on things from body’s point of view. In order that we may not be the calumniators of the All unto the multitude, I have not commented upon this Sermon on Rebirth.”

Tat: “Tell me, O father, whether this Body, which is made up of the Power, dissolves at any time?”

Hermes: “Hush! Do not speak of things impossible, otherwise your Mind’s eye will miss the goal.

“The natural body which our sense perceives is inferior to this essential birth. The first must be dissolved and the last can never be; the first dies but the last cannot be touched by death. You should know that you are born God, Son of the One, even as I myself.”

Tat: “O father, I will hear the Praise-giving with hymn which you say you heard when you were at the Eight (Ogdoad) of Powers.”

Hermes: “Just as God foretold me, when I came to the Eight. Why don’t you free yourself from the attachments of physical body? You have now been made pure.

“The God, the Shepherd, Mind of all masterhood knows that I should myself be able to learn all and hear what I should wish, and see all things. He left me with the Powers within me that come out into a song.”

Tat: “Father, I wish to hear and know these things.”

Hermes: “Listen carefully, my son, hear the Praise-giving that keeps the soul in tune. Hymn of Rebirth – a hymn I would not have thought fit so readily to tell you, had you not reached the end of all. The secret of it is not taught but hidden in silence. Thus, my son, stand in a place uncovered to the sky, facing the southern wind, about the sinking of the setting sun, and make your worship, so in like manner too when the sun rises, with face to the east wind.

“ Listen carefully, my son, the Secret Hymnody.

“Let every nature of the World receive the utterance of my hymn!

“Open thou Earth! Let every bolt of the Abyss be drawn for me. Stir not, ye Trees!

“I am about to hymn creation’s Lord who is both All and One.

“Ye Heavens open and ye Winds stay still; let God’s deathless Sphere receive my word!

“For I will sing the praise of Him who founded all; who fixed the Earth, and hung up Heaven, and gave command that Ocean should afford sweet water to the Earth, to both those parts that are inhabited and those that are not, for the support and use of every man; who made the Fire to shine and men for every act.

“Let us together all give praise to Him, sublime above the Heavens, of every nature Lord!

“`Tis He who is the Eye of Mind, may He accept the praise of these my Powers!

“Ye powers that are within me, hymn the One and All; sing with my Will, Powers all that are within me!

“O blessed Gnosis, by thee illumined, hymning thee the Light that mind alone can see, I joy in Joy of Mind.

“Sing with me praises all ye Powers!

“Sing praise, my Self-control, sing thou through me, my Righteousness, the praises of the Righteousness; sing thou, my Sharing-all, the praises of the All; through me sing, Truth, Truth’s praises!

“Sing thou, O Good, the Good! O Life and Light, from us to you our praises flow!

“Father, I give Thee thanks, to Thee Thou Energy of all my Powers, I give Thee thanks, O God. Thou Power of all my Energies!

“Thy Reason (Logos) sings through me Thy praises. Take back through me the All into Thy Reason – my reasonable oblation!

“Thus cry the Powers in me. They sing Thy praise, Thou All; they do Thy Will.

From Thee Thy Will; to Thee the All. Receive from all their reasonable oblation. The All that is in us, O Life, preserve; O Light, illumine it; O God in-spirit it.

“It it Thy Mind which plays the shepherd to Thy Word, O Thou Creator, Bestower of the Spirit upon all.

“For Thou art God, Thy Man thus cries to Thee through Fire, through Air, through Earth, through Water, through Spirit, through Thy Creatures.

“Tis from Aeon I have found praise-giving; and in thy Will, the object of my search, have I found rest.”

Tat: “By your good pleasure, I have seen this praise-giving sung, O father. I have now set it in my Cosmos.”

Hermes: “Say in the cosmos that your mind alone can see, my son.”

Tat: “Yes, father, in the Cosmos that the mind alone can see; for my mind has been illumined by your Hymn, and by your Praise-giving. But I as well as myself would like to send praise-giving to God.”

Hermes: “But not in unawareness, my son.”

Tat: “Yes, what I behold in mind, I say.

“To thee, thou Parent of my Bringing into Birth, as unto God, I, Tat, send reasonable offerings. O God and Father, thou art the Lord, thou art the Mind. Receive from me oblations reasonable as thou would’st wish; for by Thy Will all things have been perfected.”

Hermes: “Send your oblation, my son, acceptable to God, but add to it `through the Word’.”

Tat: “I thank you father for showing me how to sing such hymns.”

Hermes: “I am happy that you have attained the Ultimate Truth that cannot die. And now you have learnt this lesson from me, make a promise to keep silence and to no soul, you will make known the secret of Rebirth, for we should not be thought as calumniators.

“Now we both heed sufficiently, both I the speaker and you the hearer.

“In Mind, you have become a Knower of yourself and God.”


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