Beyond Mind And Matter

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One of the greatest books ever written is the Buddhist scripture Lankavatara Sutra. Buddha says again and again to his disciple Mahamati, “Mahamati, this is only mind. Hell is mind. Heaven is mind. The world is mind. Enlightenment is mind.”

Mahamati asks again and again, “Just mind? Just mind? Even nirvana and enlightenment are just mind?”

And Buddha says, “Just mind, Mahamati.”

When you understand that everything is just mind, you are freed. Then there is no desire. In Lankavatara Sutra, Buddha says that the whole world is like a magical world, a city of Gandharva. As if a magician has created it. Everything appears to be there, but it is there only because of the thought form.


Bendz said...

Nice picture with a note about mind :)


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Naz said...

This has been refuted- the world is not just mind- if htis were so, there would be no universal moral code- since htere is indeed a universal objective moral code, this hsows that there is a codegiver- If there is a codegiver, then there is something beyond just the mind. Arguments tryign to refute the universality of the objective code have been refuted themselves. While one can learn to ignore the universal objective moral code, and one can then create their own subjective moral code, but hte universal fact is that a universal objective moral code still exists.

By the way, if everythign were as subjective as the monk suggested, then we would not indeed be free, but woudl be subject to the slavery of anarchy


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